Spartanburg photographer Carri Bass wedding graduation baby Greenville SC Asheville Hendersonville family portrait image

The Professional Advantage

Spartanburg photographer Carri Bass wedding graduation baby Greenville SC Asheville Hendersonville family portrait image
Hate being photographed?  HA!  I will help you look great, enjoy being photographed, and maybe even forget there’s a photographer.  The most important element is the person in the photo.  I work with so many different people, and it’s the central part of the process.  Family, wedding, child, or professional headshot—I help you to be yourself, look your best, and enjoy the experience.  And, I haven’t yet met a baby, teenager, adult, or group that I can’t get to relax, smile, and be natural.
Professionals bring much more than great equipment.  We bring everything else—experience with diverse people and locations, knowledge of special places, a strong understanding of light, and the ability to work in high-pressure settings like weddings and group events without being intrusive.  We work every day with professional editing software.  Our suppliers provide high-end printing services and materials specifically to the professional market.  A professional wedding album, for example, stands out for unmatched quality.
It’s easy, fun, and important.  Hiring a pro is easy and fun–you get to relax and live in the moment.  AND, you get to enjoy life’s moments while a professional saves the memories for you.
The key is to capture the inner spark of a person and the feeling of a moment.  Sometimes it’s a one-time event, sometimes it’s a series, like my Watch-Me-Grow series for children.
Remember:  You can’t freeze life, but you can keep a perfect moment (and memory) from running away.


Many photographers don’t list prices.  I never understood that.

Maybe they’re new, or don’t understand fair prices for high-quality work, or are afraid you’ll just get a friend to photograph your most important moments in life.  But, you already understand the professional advantage and want an experience that will delight you, with photos you’ll treasure.  The standard packages and rates below can give you a feel for what it will cost.  And, since every situation is unique, contact me!
The standard fee for a session (a sitting) is $100. The hourly rate for work is $250.  Please contact me for corporate and event rates.
After your session or event, I will provide digital proofs for you to review so you can order high-resolution photos (flashdrive or CD).  I strongly recommend that you also choose some physical prints, canvases, or album photos. They will be created by a high-end laboratory that serves professional photographers.  No laser or press prints, but traditional wet-process “real” photos–the gold standard for beautiful, enduring images.

Especially for families: Watch Me Grow!

More than a moment–a wonderful series of memories!  From the first moment a child comes into your life, you realize how quickly time passes.  “Watch Me Grow” is designed just for you, with FOUR family photo sittings over time.
Just $195
For less than the cost of two standard sittings,  Watch Me Grow lets you change clothes twice (for 3 different outfits) in each session and select more than one pose to fit your package. At the end of the four sittings you’ll get a bonus: a free 11×14 portrait, or a 16×20 portrait at half price.  After each session you’ll get to view the proofs and decide which prints (or flashdrive/CD) you want to order.  Of course, the prices for the prints and flash drive/CD are separate from the $195 series fee.

Engagements, bridal sessions & weddings

Quoted to fit your particular requirements.

Portraits:  Family, business headshots, maternity, graduation, boudoir, model portfolio, etc.

Studio or on-location
Package I


2 • 8×10
4 • 5×7
16 • Wallets

Package II


1 • 11×14
4 • 8×10
24 • Wallets

Package III


1 • 16×20 Canvased
2 • 8×10
4 • 5×7
16 • Wallets

Proofs & professional-lab prints

Color Prints

4×6:  $9.00
5×7:  $15.00
8×10:  $25.00  (Canvased add $30.00)
11×14:  $100.00  (Canvased add $50.00)
16×20:  $150.00  (Canvased add $75.00)
20×24:  $225.00  (Canvased add $125.00)
Wallets (8):  $20.00

Black & White Prints

4×6: $12.00
5×7: $20.00
8×10: $30.00

Wallets & Proofs

48 Wallets (1 pose): $75.00
Proofs (flashdrive/CD), with Package: $125.00